Beaumont Coffee: Donut Store

Beaumont Coffee - Donut Store Blend

Beaumont Coffee - Donut Store Blend

Donut Store Blend

Price: $3.99
Size: 12oz.
Price/lb: $5.32
RATING: $$$$$

This is one of my favorite coffees available at ALDI.  The coffee is sold under the Beaumont name as Donut Store Blend. The price is good and the quality of the coffee exceeds expectations.
The coffee is a medium roast and has a very smooth flavor with a hint of sweetness perfect for a morning cup.  The coffee has become a favorite in the household and is always kept in the cupboard now.  It is difficult to compare to any brand coffee as it has it’s own unique qualties but it is similar to Dunkin’ Donuts in some aspects.

I recommend this coffee highly. The quality and flavor for the price are hard to beat. A very good cup of coffee at a great price.