ALDIS Reviews is a website dedicated to providing unbiased reviews of the generic products available at retail supermarket chain ALDI.  ALDIS Reviews is in no way associated with nor represents ALDI food stores.  All logos and brand identification on this site is copyright/trademarked by ALDI LLC.
The site was inspired by a family member whose spouse handles reviews and product selections.  During the end of 2008 and 2009 there was a greater need to cut unnecessary expenses and attempt to save wherever possible.  A family member read a review online a little over a year ago discussing cost saving stores and the best values in shopping.  In the list of 10 the author mentioned ALDI stating that although there were very little brand name products that the quality of the food and cost has slowly been building a following in the US.  This same family member remembered walking through an ALDI over a decade ago and recalled that the prices were very good but she hesitated buying anything because she had no idea if the food was any good and that the bulk of it was a generic branding so they left and didn’t try anything.
ALDIS Reviews is a personal project that aims to help would be buyers save some on their grocery bill by pointing out some of the great values available.  If you have seen a store and have been hesitant to try one then maybe you should.  Please leave comments on our reviews and what your thoughts and feelings are on these products as we would be happy to provide alternative viewpoints on taste, quality and overall value.  ALDI REVIEWS is sponsored and hosted by Polaris Design Group.