Millville Fruity Rice

Millville Fruity Rice Cereal

Millville Fruity Rice Cereal

Fruity Rice Cereal Review

Price: $1.89
Size: 13oz.

I had to try this cereal because I am a longtime fan of Fruity Pebbles.  Based on other experiences I was hoping this would yield the same result but I was left disappointed.
Fruity Rice is a cereal made of sweetened fruit flavored rice.  The cereal had a strong flavor to it, at times a little too strong and although it could be characterized as a fruit flavoring it sorely lacked in comparison to the flavor of Fruity Pebbles.  At times the flavor was almost too much and was unpleasant.  If the cereal was permitted to soak in milk the flavoring became less unpleasant but then the texture of the cereal left a lot to be desired.
The price of the cereal was decent at $1.89 per box (13oz) but the quality of the cereal wasn’t up to par with it’s brand name competition.  I have tried other cereals under the ALDI brand Millville and can report that most have been very good cost wise and quality wise.  On that point, Fruity Rice is the first product to receive a single $ rating.  It is inexpensive BUT tastes it as well.

This product will not be purchased again.  ALDI does have a DOUBLE QUALITY GUARANTEE that I just might have to take advantage of with this product.   The only problem is I wouldn’t mind getting my money back but would feel bad even donating the replacement box of cereal they will provide.