Baker’s Treat Cherry Pie

Baker's Treat Fruit Pie - Cherry

Baker's Treat Fruit Pie - Cherry

Fruit Pie – Cherry

Price: $ .39
Size: 4oz.

Everyone loves pie, right?.  ALDI sells a  snack pie under the generic brand name Baker’s Treat. The pies come in Apple or Cherry flavors.  This review is for the cherry pie. The pies come in a cardboard box and are sold individually.  A little while back they were selling for $ 0.43 each but recently the price has been dropped to $ 0.39 each.
The pie has a glaze over the pie crust like Drake’s pies.  In comparison I felt the pie was about the same quality as the Drake’s.  The crust was tender with a good balance of glaze.  The filling contained real fruit and had a nice cherry flavor.  Overall, I wasn’t crazy about the pie but then I prefer Tastykake pies in general however they are well over $1.00 most places these days.
I decided to try the pie again however this time I tried it warm.  The Baker’s Treat box has a heating suggestion on the back of the box.  I stuck the pie in the microwave for 15 seconds.  The pie was much more palatable heated up to me.  The glaze and crust were soft and sweet and the filling seemed to have a stronger flavor (watch out though – it was hot…).  The pie heated up had a better flavor balance in my opnion.

I gave this pie a rating of $$$. I wasn’t crazy about the pie cold but heated up it was much better. For the price of $ 0.39 each I feel it is an overall decent value. If you prefer non-glazed crusts such as Tastykake or Tabletop then this might not be for you though.