Beaumont Coffee: Morning Dark Roast

100% Arabica - Morning Dark Roast Coffee

100% Arabica - Morning Dark Roast Coffee

Premium Blend Morning Dark Roast Review

Price: $3.99
Size: 12oz.
Price/lb: $5.32
RATING: $$$$

I am a huge coffee drinker and with the recent economic downturn decided that I had to save some money on my weekly coffee bill.  I usually buy Starbucks, Peets or Millstone and realized I was drinking over a lb. a week costing anywhere from $8.99 and up per lb.  The bill was quickly adding up.  Over the years I had tried various mass produced coffees: Melitta, Foldgers, Maxwell House and others but most made me feel nauseous or just didn’t agree with me so any savings from the premium brands were null.
I decided I would try the varying brands of coffee provided by ALDI under the BEAUMONT name.  This particular flavor is labeled as Premium Blend – Morning Dark Roast.  The coffee comes ground (it is not whole bean) much like you would find a Peet’s brand or ground Starbucks.  I found the flavor to be strong with a sweet and smoky overtone and was pleasantly surprised. The price per pound is more than reasonable especially when considering the overall quality of the blend.

Overall I would recommend this coffee and will definitely buy it again. It is not my favorite blend at ALDI but it does provide a decent cup of joe in the morning