Breakfast Best - Pancakes & Sausage

Pancakes & Sausage

Price: $ .99
Size: 6oz.
RATING: $$$$$

This was a pleasant surprise as we discovered this microwaveable breakfast just recently in the ALDI freezer case.  The breakfast includes 3 medium sized pancakes and 2 sausage links.  It can be cooked in about 2 Minutes in a standard microwave. 
In our family there is never enough time to sit down during the week and cook a breakfast.  With appointments, school and work it seems we are always running against the clock.  Our children love pancakes so when we saw these breakfasts we thought we’d give them a try.  The product is branded Breakfast Best and there are a number of breakfast combinations available.  We will review some others shortly.
Overall the flavor and quality exceeded expectations and the price was right.  The panckaes are light and fluffy and the sausage links have a good texture and flavor.  All of our family enjoy this product and there are repeated requests to pick some up when it is shopping time.

Good value overall.  Pancakes and sausage are flavorful.  Recommended to try.