I started this blog about 5 years ago when I was working for myself out of the house and on a very limited budget. After spending $150 and up every week at some chain grocery stores in the area I really needed to find some way to cut the food budget. Aldi had been in my area for sometime and I actually walked into one over a decade ago but the no-frills shopping experience and lack of brand names didn’t persuade me to try anything that day.

I revisited that same Aldi a couple of years before starting this blog and made some purchases. The quality of the products exceeded my expectations and my $150 food bill was cut in half just about. The family was eating the same amount of food and for the most part we enjoyed the majority of products. At this point is when I thought I would share my experiences shopping there.

The past 5 years life has been up and down and I lost track of posting but still continue to shop at Aldi. They have built 2 more near me in that time span and have upped both their offerings and changed some of their branding. This week 4 new reviews have been posted and the goal is to continue to update this blog weekly going forward. Additionally a redesign is coming as well as some subcategories down the road including Trader Joe’s (if you haven’t been in one, you have to try it), a sister company of Aldi.

The budget these days isn’t as tight but the majority of food shopping is still done at Aldi. The simple shopping experience, variety of foods and an almost unheard of Double-Back Guarantee (Aldi offers to replace a product as well as refund your money in full if you are unsatisfied with the majority of products they sell). I have yet to take advantage of this guarantee but eventually will as not everything I have purchased there I have been thrilled with.

Please share your thoughts and comments. I would especially like to hear any experiences with other markets own brands and pricing, etc.