Priano Sweet Roasted Peppers

Sweet Roasted Peppers

Priano Sweet Roasted Peppers

Price: $ 1.89
Size: 12oz.
RATING: $$$$

Among the many food items at Aldi’s you will find spices such as Basil Leaves, Fresh Garlic and more. Recently our family discovered jars of Priano Sweet Roasted Peppers (available in Sweet and Garlic flavors). These have become a regular staple on our shopping list.
Have nothing negative to say about this product at all. The flavor exceeds expectations and is an excellent touch to any dish. We use them primarily in chicken dishes adding them in the final phases of baking but have also utilized them finely chopped in marinades.
Flavor is well-balanced and quality of peppers very high. Great addition to a variety of dishes.

Highly recommended. A fine example of why shopping at Aldi’s is well worth your time.