Bremer Shepherd
s Pie

Bremer Shepherd’s Pie

Bremer Shepherd’s Pie Review

Price: $ 4.49
Size: 1lb. 14oz.
RATING: $$$$

Comfort food is always welcome in our house. The Aldi brand Bremer offers a variety of prepared frozen foods of some classics. One of the faves in our compound is the Sheperd’s Pie.
A layer of ground beef and some vegetables (mostly peas it appears) in a tomato based sauce with a piped topping of mashed potatoes. This is a quick meal taking about 45-55 minutes in the oven that will feed a family of four.

Decent value but could use some tweaking to the ingredients. If you enjoy Shepherd’s Pie you will most likely enjoy this.

This is an above average product with good flavor however it would be nice to have a larger quantity of peas and carrots in the mix. Overall the family enjoys it so it is a staple on the shopping list.